Essential Tips for Airport Limousine Rental | Dunwoody Limousine

Atlanta Airport Limo Service

An airport limousine is the most convenient and easy choice for airport transport. Why take a crowded shuttle or beat-up taxi when you can move in luxury? Most of the people assume that limousines are only for the famous and rich, but in various cases, they’re fairly cheaper than cabs too.

Although cabs are known to be good for last minute travel, limousine companies offer consistent services with superior drivers. When they are compared to shuttles, Dunwoody to Atlanta airport limo service offer efficient services without the hassles of numerous stops. For those people seeking safe, reliable, and comfortable transportation, limousine to the airport can be the smartest choice. Below are the 9 best and essential tips to consider while renting a limo for you:

Always Provide Contact Number – When booking Dunwoody limousine service, always provide your contact number. With your number, the driver or service provider can contact you, if the driver doesn’t finds you at the terminal.

Turn On Your Cell Phone – Always turn your phone on when you land at the airport. If the limousine is running late, then the service provider will be easily able to get in touch with you and arrange curbside pickup.

Meet Chauffeur In Baggage’s Claim – Chauffeurs meet customers in baggage claim, not at gate. Owing to the post 9/11 safety upgrades, airport limo drivers are not allowed past the safety checkpoints any longer. In most of the terminals, driver will be seen waiting at the escalators’ bottom in the baggage’s claim region.

Curbside Pick-up Available –Similar to any other airport transportation service, airport limousines can pick up the passengers at curb. Most of the clients wish to be met within the terminal area, but in case you’re in hurry, then curbside pickup could be arranged for you.

Carry a Confirmation Number –Carry confirmation number along with limousine contact information with you always. If the airport Limo & taxi service doesn’t shows up, then you’ll need this to solve the problems.

Leave Early For the International Departure – Friday evening international departure is similar to regional carrier in the morning. So, if you’re taking international flight on Friday night, then get early to the airport.

Schedule Early Pick-ups – If you’re planning morning departure on regional carrier, schedule an early on pickup with the airport limousine. Airlines are extremely busy right from the morning, so ensure to keep good time in hand.

Check Your Flight – While departing, check on the flight always. If flight is delayed, then contact your limo service provider and arrange for later on pick-up.

Get Meet & Greet – Lots of airport limo services offer meet and greet services. This is an extremely cool service which can expedite your tour through the airport. After arriving, the greeter will come to meet you at gate and escort you to baggage claim area. After your bags are salvaged, the greeter will get the limo and you’ll be picked up. The greeter will take you to front of security line and then accompany you to gate.


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